Helping your internal team succeed

Experienced leader for your project

We are there to help your internal team succeed. Our strong background in all areas of global and local HR gives foundation to lead projects without losing sight of the big picture. We roll up our sleeves and work together with your desired direction. We are successful when your internal team flies.

Clarity on strategy and taking focused actions

We help leadership teams clarify strategy and make it concrete from the perspective of people and competencies. In change projects we believe in proactive and iterative planning to continuously ensure relevance of actions and realisation of benefits. Constant change requires resilience and frequent communication. We facilitate change with tested change tools & frameworks and help engage stakeholders to ensure success. 

Talent management – from concepts to actions

Let’s work together to design and build talent practices which suit your company culture and help your people grow to their full potential. Identifying potential in people and developing talent are crucial building blocks of positive employee experience and strategy execution. Avoid common pitfalls and ensure that your talent practices make your company stand out when it comes to talent retention.

Developing strategic capabilities

Strategy without people and needed competencies will not be implemented. We help you identify and define the most important capabilities to make your strategy come alive. We work with you to create an actionable plan and if needed, help you execute it.  


“The result is a new way of working, which is engaging and supports a positive company culture. At the same time the renewed model gives tools and framework for talent  development and helps taking concrete actions.”

Tämä on CSS:llä piilotettu

“I have a long experience of using consulting services of  Tuomi from Jatkojohto. She has come to help my internal team in various business situations and HR development projects.

Recently, she has assisted us in talent and leadership development projects.  Tuomi was involved in designing a framework for the new learning culture and renewed talent development strategy. She then helped us design and launch an international leadership program as well as an internal mentoring program.

In 2021, Tuomi, together with the internal team, has built a concept around renewed leadership principles according to our renewed values.

Earlier, we have collaborated on a wide range of projects. As example, she has led a stream of developing the HR service model and recruitment outsourcing project. She has also replaced the internal person as the leader of the HR team.

The results of the projects have been excellent and they have helped the business on its path of growth. Our cooperation has been smooth and fruitful. As a Consultant and Coach, Tuomi is a top professional and it is a pleasure to work with her. ”

Tarja Kaipio,

VP, Human Resources 

“Tuomi and Katja helped us renew our Talent management practices. We wanted to achieve a Talent process, which starts from business needs, support our company culture and which would inspire our people to develop.

The project started with clarifying the top team’s vision and managers and employee expectations and needs.

The result is a new way of working, which is engaging and supports a positive company culture. At the same time the renewed model gives tools and framework for talent  development and helps taking concrete actions.

The tools developed during the project are fresh and inspiring. Especially the new Caruna ‘energymeter’ gives new perspective to reflect own behaviour and to identify and lead potential.

Tuomi and Katja listened to the customers’ needs and at the same time challenged the old ways of working constructively. Project was managed smoothly and successfully.”

Tommi Saikkonen     

Head of HR, Caruna

“In 2020, we launched a Group-wide strategic project at Paulig to renew our HR system and practices. Our key goal was to create human resource management practices and automated tools to support the day-to-day running, transparency, speed, and efficiency of the entire organization. We contracted  Tuomi  as Project Manager for the initial phase of the project to lead the mapping and procurement project for the HR system.

During the mapping project, we defined the future state of the system, used user-driven design tools to identify end-user needs, compared the market offering through systematic evaluation criteria, involved the organization into selection process, made a change plan, and prepared the ground for future work and implementation. As a result of the selection project, we made an investment decision on the new system, selected partners for implementation and got the internal project organization well under way to implement the change.

The mapping and procurement project was carried out comprehensively and with high quality according to schedule. Tuomi led the project independently in accordance with the project plan and with good co-operation, utilizing her own expertise and experience and adapting to Paulig’s project-based operating methods, while at the same time bringing an external view, e.g. market trends. She took good responsibility for the participants in the project and managed to transfer the experience gained to the deployment project which immediately followed.”

Heikki Vuopala,

Director, HR Center of Excellence, Paulig Group

”Tuomi facilitated and customised a Talent review for my organisation. The review consisted of one-on-one discussions with management team members and facilitated workshops.

Workshop design was participative and the provided lot of room for dialogue and discussion. Her overall contribution, including materials and facilitation were inspiring and clear. The overall experience and the action plans coming from the review are of high quality and provide good foundation for further development.”

Managing Director, ohjelmistoyritys