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Jatkojohto* helps speed up people transformation. Let’s make the change together, one action at a time.  We know that developing leadership and communication is key to any successful change. 

We are strong believers in powers of digitalisation, co-creation and user-centered design.

*’Jatkojohto’ means ‘Power plug’ or ‘Extension cord’ in finnish.

Experienced HR leader to support your team, when you want to find clarity from chaos and develop employee experience.

Let’s roll up our sleeves to create and implement new culture of learning. We curate learning journeys and contents.


Arts and literature bring joy and meaning to our lives. Our brains crave for new insights, and real connection to other people.


“The result is a new way of working, which is engaging and supports a positive company culture. At the same time the renewed model gives tools to develop people and take concrete action. The tools developed during the project are fresh and inspiring."

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“Tuomi and Katja helped us renew our Talent management practices. We wanted to achieve a Talent process, which starts from business needs, support our company culture and which would inspire our people to develop.

The project started with clarifying the top team’s vision and managers and employee expectations and needs.

The result is a new way of working, which is engaging and supports a positive company culture. At the same time the renewed model gives tools and framework for talent  development and helps taking concrete actions.

The tools developed during the project are fresh and inspiring. Especially the new Caruna ‘energymeter’ gives new perspective to reflect own behaviour and to identify and lead potential.

Tuomi and Katja listened to the customers’ needs and at the same time challenged the old ways of working constructively. Project was managed smoothly and successfully.”

Tommi Saikkonen         Head of HR, Caruna

“In 2020, we launched a Group-wide strategic project at Paulig to renew our HR system and practices. Our key goal was to create human resource management practices and automated tools to support the day-to-day running, transparency, speed, and efficiency of the entire organization. We contracted  Tuomi  as Project Manager for the initial phase of the project to lead the mapping and procurement project for the HR system.

During the mapping project, we defined the future state of the system, used user-driven design tools to identify end-user needs, compared the market offering through systematic evaluation criteria, involved the organization into selection process, made a change plan, and prepared the ground for future work and implementation. As a result of the selection project, we made an investment decision on the new system, selected partners for implementation and got the internal project organization well under way to implement the change.

The mapping and procurement project was carried out comprehensively and with high quality according to schedule. Tuomi led the project independently in accordance with the project plan and with good co-operation, utilizing her own expertise and experience and adapting to Paulig’s project-based operating methods, while at the same time bringing an external view, e.g. market trends. She took good responsibility for the participants in the project and managed to transfer the experience gained to the deployment project which immediately followed.”

Heikki Vuopala,

Director, HR Center of Excellence, Paulig Group

”Tuomi facilitated and customised a Talent review for my organisation. The review consisted of one-on-one discussions with management team members and facilitated workshops.

Workshop design was participative and the provided lot of room for dialogue and discussion. Her overall contribution, including materials and facilitation were inspiring and clear.

The overall experience and the action plans coming from the review are of high quality and provide good foundation for further development.”

Managing Director, software company

Tuomi Kariniemi

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